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“From ancient times no master or fellow could be absent from his lodge, Especially when warned to appear at it, without incurring a severe censure, Unless it appeared, to the master and wardens, that pure necessity hindered him.”

-Ancient charge

Installation Night, January 11th, 2017

 Photographer  WB Edward Davis

Worshipful Brother Bill Roule after being installed in the Chair of King Solomon of Saint John’s Lodge No. 1
INSTALLED, Wednesday, JANUARY 11th, 2017, Freemasons Hall, Masonic Park Seniors Community Centre, Mount Pearl, NL 

Photographer, Brother Justin Miller

Worshipful Brother Ron Rose invested as Assistant Secretary during the February 8th, 2017 Regular Meeting and Brother Leo Squires was invested as our Worthy Tyler during the March 8, 2017 Regular Meeting.    Photographer, Worshipful Brother Edward Davis, March 8th, 2017.

Worshipful Master, Brother William (Bill) Roule
Senior Warden, Right Worshipful Brother Harry Vokey
Junior Warden, Worshipful Brother Tony Collins
Immediate Past Master, Stephen Vokey
Chaplain, Worshipful Brother Derek Tuck
Treasurer, Very Worshipful Brother Mark A. Bradbury
Secretary, Brother Jason Whelan

Organist, VACANT
Director of Ceremonies, 
Worshipful Brother Fred Allen
Almoner, Right Worshipful Brother Albert Noftall
Charity Steward, Right Worshipful Brother W Donald Vokey
Senior Deacon, 
Brother Jason Butler
Junior Deacon, Very Worshipful Brother Mark G.S. Bradbury
Assistant Director of Ceremonies, Very 
Worshipful Brother Dan Noseworthy
Inner Guard, Brother Curtis White
Assistant Secretary, Worshipful Brother Ron Rose
Senior Steward, 
Brother Brother Wayne Somers
Junior Steward, Brother Shawn Oates
Junior Junior Steward, Brother Robert Ring
Tyler, Brother Leo Squires
Lodge Historian & WebM@ster, Worshipful Brother Edward (Ted) Davis


Lodge Committee: All Officers, Past Masters/Wardens, Benchers Brothers Justin Miller and David Tucker.
Benevolence Committee: Right Worshipful Brothers Albert Noftall (Convener) and Donald Vokey, VW Brother Mark A. Bradbury, WB Fred Allen, and Brother Secretary, Jason Whelan.
Patrick Tasker Educational Fund Committee: WB Derek Tuck(Convenor), RWB Albert Noftall, WB's Edward Davis and Fred Allen.
Finance-Committee: Very Worshipful Brothers Mark A. Bradbury (Elected Treasurer/Convener), and Mark G.S. Bradbury, and Brother Secretary, Jason Whelan.
Audit Committee/Elected: Most Worshipful Brothers Neil Chaplin and Herman Starkes
Committee of Inquiry: Right Worshipful Brother Dan Noseworthy (Convener), RWB Donald and Harry Vokey, Brothers Jason Butler, Wayne Somers, and Curtis White.
Cemetery Plots Committee: Worshipful Brother Derek Tuck (Convener) and Right Worshipful Brother Albert Noftall.

Membership Committee: Right Worshipful Brothers Harry Vokey (Convenor), Dan Noseworthy, Very Worshipful Brother Mark A. Bradbury, Worshipful Brother Stephen Vokey, Brothers David Tucker and Justin Miller.
Property Committee: Right Worshipful Brother Harry Vokey (Convener), WB Edward Davis (Chair), and Brothers Leo Squires and Curtis White.
Social Committee: Worshipful Brother Tony Collins (Convener), Lodge Committee Members and all other interested Registered Brethren of our Lodge.

Outreach Committee: Right Worshipful Brothers Mark G.S. Bradbury(Convenor), MWB Herman Starkes, RWB's Albert Noftall, Cecil Templeman, Mark A. Bradbury, Brother Wayne Somers and all interested Brethren.
Pillar Program Committee: Right Worshipful Brother's Mark G.S. Bradbury (Convenor), Dan Noseworthy, Dan Noseworthy, Very Worshipful Brother Mark A. Bradbury, Worshipful Brothers Ron Rose, Stephen Vokey, Brothers Shawn Oates, Philip Strong, David Flusk, and Justin Miller.
Web Site - Lodge "Fellow Webm@ster," WB Edward (Ted) Davis
Lodge Lady's Liaison Committee: VWB Mark G.S. Bradbury (Convenor), WB's Ron Rose, Tony Collins, and Right Worshipful Mark G.S. Bradbury.
                                                                                                                                    Photographer  WB Edward Davis
Worshipful Brother Bill Roule, Right Worshipful Brother Ian Murray - Deputy Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother Dan Frampton, District Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother Scott Bartlett (District Grand Master, District Grand Lodge of Newfoundland Labrador on Installation Night.

Freemasons Hall, Seniors Resource Center

Saint John's Lodge No.1 located at Freemasons Hall, Mount Pearl, NL
Link to Freemasons Hall "Bookings Calendar"

Located in the City of Mount Pearl, NL, Canada at Freemasons Hall, within the Masonic Park Seniors Complex Property
Mount Carson Avenue, Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Gulf Beach Lodge No. 291, Madeira Beach, Flordia, United States of America

Brethren of Gulf Beach Lodge, Worshipful Brothers Carl Dyke, Ted Davis, visiting with Brother Nelson Bradbury and his new Masonic Family in Madeira Beach, Florida, USA.

Grand Lodge of South Dakota

520 S. First Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57104-6902

 Grand Lodge appointed representative for the Grand Lodge of South Dakota to the Grand Lodge of Newfoundland and Labrador, Worshipful Brother Edward Davis: e-mail at; , or you can e-mail the Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of South Dakota at this e-mail address:


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Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Newfoundland & Labrador

Grand Secretary, Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Newfoundland & Labrador

  2017 Event Photos
January 2017

January 11th, 2017 – The Deputy Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother Ian Murray and the District Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother Dan Frampton, presenting Worshipful Brother Stephen Vokey with his Lodge's, Past Masters Medal and Certificate from Grand Lodge.
                                                       Photographer  WB Edward Davis
January 11th, 2017 - Right Worshipful Brother Donald Vokey (Brother-Father) presenting a replacement Tyler's Sword to Saint John's Lodge No.1 in Memory of his Brother, the Late Right Worshipful Brother Glendon Vokey.  Receiving the Sword on behalf of the Lodge is Brother Glen's Nephew, the Worshipful Master, Brother Stephen Vokey.
                                                       Photographer  WB Edward Davis
January 11th. 2017 - Worshipful Brother MacDonald, Master of Whiteway Lodge, presented Worhshipful Brother Bill Roule with this oversized "Travelling Gavel" on behalf of  the Brethren of Creston Lodge No 54, of Creston, British Colombia, Canada.
                                     Photographer  WB Edward Davis
Resting on the Lodge's Alar is the newly dedicated Tyler's Sword.

February 8th, 2017, Most Worshipful Brother, Ian Murray and the Worshipful Master Bill Roule presenting Brother Ed Roberts with his 50 Year Membership Pin, regarding his term of Membership affiliated with Saint John's Lodge No. 1,  (No 579 UGLE) during the Regular Meeting of the Membership of Saint John's Lodge No.1./

May 10th, 2017, The Worshipful Brother Bill Roule (Master) presenting Most Worshipful Brother Neil Chaplin and Very Worshipful Brother Eric Snelgrove with Certificates of Distinction, during open Lodge (Past Masters Night) in recognition of their many years of Faithful Service to the Craft in General and Saint John's Lodge No.1, in Particular.

Photographer, Worshipful Brother Tony Collins
The universal AED sign, developed by the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation
Thanks to the generosity of the Brethren there is a Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on hand at the Freemasons Hall.  Brethren and their Ladies are asked to please familiarize themselves with its location and proper usage during their next visit to the hall.  Any Brother with training or experience in using an AED should advise their Lodge Secretary, in case of an Emergency.  While some of our Brethren are already familiar with the proper steps we would like as many Brethren as possible to be aware that it is quite easy to use as it will direct the user using voice prompts once it is turned on.  Please, take the time to view these two attached links in order to familiarize yourselves with the proper method, should its use become necessary.  You could save a life.
CPR training-03.jpg 

Where we are in the World of Freemasonry...

orrowed from some of our Fraternal Friend's to the South.
Brethren please click on this link below to receive some Masonic Enlightenment, in the form of

“A Simple Charge to the Fraternity” by Benjamin Franklin, starring Richard Easton


Home of the original “PILLAR PROGRAM

Upon completion of the “Pillar Program" each successful participant will be presented with a Certificate and a Pillar Program Pin, both of which have been reviewed and approved for use by the Grand Lodge of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The certificate and the pin's format were chosen with the intention to emphasize the respectability of Freemasonry as an elevated form of social activity stressing Spiritual and Philosophical Values.  Each Certificate is numbered in order of presentation, and bears the Lodges’ Seal as witness to the accomplishments and subsequent contributions to the Craft made by the Brother to whom it has been presented, and by whom it has been signed.

                                     Photographer  WB Edward Davis

Worshipful Brother Tony Collins and Brother Roger Benson are the latest recipients of No. 0009 and No.0007 Pillar Program Certificates and Pins.  It was presented by Very Worshipful Brother Mark G.S. Bradbury, during our June 14th, 2017 Regular Lodge Meeting. 
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Anno Domini 2017 ~ Atque Lucis 6017